The master has many types of elements that can support you according to the strategy you choose, also has 2 active skills and 3 passive skills that you can use
Is an adventure by telling the story in each stage you can also choose the level of difficulty, you can level up and choose the prize you want in each map
Each mission that you complete will get various prizes that can help you raise your level, you can take that prize in the achievement section according to the category of mission you complete
Arena is a place where you can fight other people using teams and strategies from different skill combinations, which are different for each hero and also the tower defense system that interferes with the running of the game.
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You need an arena ticket to enter the arena and the ticket is not available to purchase, ticket will be charged once every 30 minutes. In the Arena, you can get Crystal Arena which can be used in the Arena Store
• Arena Store The Arena Store is a place where you can exchange the crystal arena for items, runes, materials to increase the power of the heroes, and also you can buy tickets for fast clear or goblin dungeons.
• League Once points are built, you can climb to the tier of the upper league. If you go to the upper leagues during the ongoing season, you can start the same league again next season. To keep the same league when the new season starts, you have to play the number of matches each league requires.
• Real Time PVP Real Time PVP, exciting battles that can show complete playing technique with self-control.